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Paddle-Camping - A Brooklyn Adventure

Paddle Camping is taking a Paddle board, or kayak, or any other device with which you operate by paddling, and using it to get to a remote location where you camp.

There are not many remote locations within the boundaries of NYC, but there are always secrets.

BK2BC led its first multi person adventure trip this past weekend, right at the end of summer, out a deserted island where we set up camp, listened to the waves, and stared at the stars and the skyline.

Being that it was toward the end of summer, it was pretty warm... during the day. It got frigid that night on the island. and in the interest of packing light, only Leo brought a sleeping bag. Bad move, everyone else (including me)...

We spent the better part of the night exploring, skirting the perimeter of the island. We couldn't get to the interior because of how densely overgrown it was.

There wer boats that had been washed up on the island, car parts, dead horseshoe crabs... it was a true NYC island. Despite not having inhabitants, there was still trash.

But sleeping on the beach, this close to home, while still being removed from the hustle and bustle was really something else.

This was a nice end to summer, and it has really given us something to look forward to for next year.

admiring the view from our own beach...

Paddle boards docked and tied up over night

already awake, watching the sunrise

Camp is stirring. We're cold. Time to go home.

John wore shoes from work... He had nothing to change into

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