Who We Are...

Brooklyn 2 backcountry was created to endorse the outdoor life.  We not only lead tours, and teach skills, we want to extend our appreciation of the natural beauty available to anyone "trapped" in the city.  Brooklyn is an absolutely amazing place, but sometimes it's nice to take a break from the fast paced city life and breathe that fresh mountain air, taste the salt of the ocean, or dive into a lake surrounded by trees.


Are you a beginner?


  We are here to teach you.  After all, practice makes perfect.  Come try any of listed our activities, and let us show you how much fun it is to just try.

We strive to maintain as safe an environment as possible while conducting our excursions.

BK2BC never stops endorsing safety, risk assessment, and still having an absolute blast!  We are constantly continuing our own education to ensure that our clients have the best time, safely*. From wilderness first aid, to open water swimming techniques, to avalanche training and backcountry hazards, BK2BC seeks out certifications that make your experience more enjoyable, and keeps your mind at ease.


If you're interested in any of the courses mentioned that are not currently offered through BK2BC, please let us know.  We know where to go for those certifications.





As a dedicated outdoor company, BK2BC will constantly strive to keep all certifications current and pursue the next level.  Classes have been taken over many years, and the experience we have in many disciplines will be noticed immediately.  We are currently planning on expanding our knowledge through course this summer and moving forward.  We believe that these certs and classes provide us with the ability to better serve our clients, and provide them with peace of mind while out in the wild.  If you are interested in taking some of these classes with us, let us know


Are you looking to build your team strength?  Take the team on an outdoor adventure that they will talk about for ages.  We'll take care of everything... equipment, food, water, and of course most importantly... FUN!  Contact us to find out more


currently we do not have the capacity to accommodate too large a group, but please reach out to us and if we cant accommodate your needs, we'll find someone that can.  That's our promise.

            GROUP TRAINING


Are you a large group looking for an outdoor adventure?  Well, look no further... reach out to BKBC and let us help you create some fantastic outdoor memories.  Whether it's a group SUP trip to Jamaica bay to tour the deserted island in the nature preserve, or booking a 5 day ski trip to Vermont, you won't have to worry about anything except waking up, getting to the site and enjoying our playground.  For many trips, we even offer transportation.  Find out more here