BK2BC also offers comprehensive Guide Services for any of your adventures

All guides are certified Wilderness First Responders (WFR)


From the urban streets of a foreign city to the unblazed backcountry trail, BK2BC can offer you the services required to get you the experiences you want.


Are your friends afraid of camping?  Too scared to walk uncharted areas?

BK2BC has your back.




  • You want to test your new skills from our classes with the security of a professional being with you

  • You crave the wilderness, but your city friends think the wild is new club in midtown

  • You're not sure how if you can live without wi-fi and seamless (but you want to try)

  • You're bad at taking pictures of things that matter (like experiences)

  • You just need an adventurous travel partner that will let you take the reigns, make mistakes, and still get you home.  after all, that's part of the experience.

Whether your adventure takes you to domestic wonders or abroad, bring a BK2BC guide to document your memories, keep your trip on schedule, and not let you miss out on taking the leap.

Why Do You Need A Guide?