Fall is perfect season for hikes, and wine tasting, and hikes, and bike rides, and hikes, and anything to get outside and watch the leaves change.

Let us take you to the leaves... 

And Views that will stay with you

Fall was made for camping


Crisp, cool, Autumn air - across your face and through your hair

(We like rhyming)

Ride your bike on some winding trails to really take in the scenery this fall.  

Find Local Trails by contacting us.  


Need a guide for your excursion?  Contact us!

Recommended classes - First Aid, DPL, Map Reading

Wood Cutting

Prepping for the long winter months is a serious task, and it needs to be handled while the weather is still mild.

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Learn how to split wood, make kindling, and different methods for building a fire. We might get to play with a chainsaw!

Long days of chopping wood should be finished off with some wine or beer

So boy or girl, weak or strong, come learn how to swing an axe, chop some wood, make a fire, and enjoy an autumn camp fire scene.

Recommended classes - First Aid, DPL, Survival

Find your Pumpkin (patch)

Finding a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch is child's play. 

How about finding your way to a pumpkin patch, finding your pumpkin, and figuring out a way to get it back to where your journey started?

Either pack light, create a litter, roll your purchased pumpkin away...

This all day excursion will take place in the fall, and will be rewarded by food and beverage upon arrival back to the start point.

For more details, check our calendar

Recommended classes - Map ReadingRadio Etiquette, DPL

Outdoor Archery

Join us at Floyd Bennett Field's outdoor range for some real world archery

Come practice with us before, and compete in, the annual BK2BC archery competition

For more details, check our calendar

Recommended classes - ArcheryFirst Aid, DPL

Hunting Season Preparation

We all know the culmination of Fall is Thanksgiving, and that is wherer our gluttonous side is exposed.  Many of is also know that fall means hunting season, and that brings out our modern-primitive side.

Join BK2BC as we sponsor a range safety day for everyone from those hunters prepping their rifles for the season, to the beginner that couldn't load a water balloon cannon.  Join us in a safe, fun-filled atmosphere where we will teach basic safety, marksmanship, and just enjoy a brisk fall day at the range.

For more details, check our calendar

Recommended classes - Firearms TrainingFirst Aid, DPL